A Professor’s Mind with an Entrepreneur’s Heart

David Flint is a professor, mentor, musician, world traveler, dog walker and, as an entrepreneur, a habitual risk taker. He has been engaged in entrepreneurial activities since the early 1980s across multiple industries and is presently involved in board or leadership positions across business endeavors in software applications, real estate, and insurance. David serves on the board of several not-for-profit organizations with both domestic and international activities and is passionate about helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals succeed. Toward that end, David developed the V-REEL™ framework to help organizations and individuals think beyond value and create sound strategy for business and for life.


Strategic Thinking for Teams

Spend a few hours with David learning the fundamentals of the V-REEL™ Framework and come away with a new sense of how you create value in the marketplace, what might erode away that value over time, and what you might do to extend the life of your value proposition. Teams learn the language of V-REEL™, fostering more effective communication, strategic thinking, and sound planning.


Strategy Development

Whether you need support starting your strategy formulation process or require a longer-term advisor, David provides meaningful insights as he guides executive and teams through a complete strategy formulation process. Using the V-REEL™ Framework as a guide, David can quickly focus strategic thinking on the issues most critical to your ability to create value in the marketplace.


Putting V-REEL™ to Work

David’s workshops bring together business leaders from across industries to get oriented to the V-REEL™ Framework and put it to work to support sound decision making. Half-day and full-day workshops provide an introduction to the framework, in-depth discussion, and team learning to apply V-REEL™ to specific business situations. Participants benefit from networking opportunities and team learning.


Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win is an easy to read, conversational presentation of Dr. David Flint’s V-REEL™ Framework for strategy formulation. This simple, memorable framework helps users organize and assess ideas, information, and data so they can form sound, well-reasoned strategic action plans.

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Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win

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What does it mean to be a company?

A look at the origin of the word company reveals the single element essential to the success of any organization. Dr. David Flint uses examples from across the ages to drive home the importance of understanding the real value your organization offers and what it takes to keep delivering in a dynamic marketplace.

The pivot less company

In an entrepreneurial climate where the pivot is the expectation rather than the exception, Dr. David Flint is calling foul. At best, the pivot problem offers entrepreneurs a way around essential planning and at worst, costs companies and investors unnecessary losses. Dr. Flint offers a simple process so companies can pivot less and profit more.

Is it time to bet the company? 

In a marketplace that vacillates between eager enthusiasm for the next big innovation, and bracing warily for coming disruptors, it can be difficult to know when to stay the course and when to bet big on a bold new path. Dr. David Flint presents his proven approach to considering where you are today, and a process for forming entrepreneurial strategy rooted in sound reasoning.

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