David Flint is a professor, mentor, musician, world traveler, dog walker and, as an entrepreneur, a habitual risk taker. He also enjoys regularly attending Texas A&M football games each Fall. David has been engaged in entrepreneurial activities since the early 1980s across multiple industries and is presently involved in board or leadership positions across business endeavors in software applications, real estate, and insurance. David serves on the board of several not-for-profit organizations with both domestic and international activities and is passionate about helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals succeed.

Though he originally developed his V-REEL™ Framework to aid his teaching of strategy formulation, David has since used the tool in support of consulting engagements, helping companies of all sizes think beyond the value proposition and form clear go-forward strategies. As a public speaker, facilitator and consultant, David is now working to bring the framework to bear on the efforts of for and not-for-profit enterprises in the United States and internationally. His book Think Beyond Value will present the V-REEL™ Framework and provide an easy-to-read and practical resource for any organization or individual seeking to think critically through ideas and shape sound strategy.

David brings a rich diversity of education and experience to every conversation and engagement. His eclectic educational background included study of history, computer science and international management and culminated with a PhD from Texas A&M University in management focused on business-government relationships. Today, David enjoys speaking and consulting when he is not teaching strategic management and entrepreneurship at Texas A&M University.