The best business advisors are knowledgeable and have spent time in the trenches doing the work of starting a new enterprise and keeping existing ones strong. David Flint is both professor and practitioner. His insights and methods will help you jump start your strategy and get your team thinking clearly and thoroughly together. David offers thoughtful insight and practical tools to help individuals and teams work through ideas, and start using common terminology to facilitate communication throughout strategy formulation and execution. Using his V-REEL™ Framework for strategy formulation as a guide, David shares his insights through speaking engagements, workshops, and private consulting.



David facilitates workshops that bring together leaders from across business and not-for-profit organizations to introduce the V-REEL™ Framework and put it to work to support sound decision making. Half-day and full-day workshops provide an introduction to the framework, in-depth discussion, and team learning to apply V-REEL™ to specific business situations. Participants benefit from networking opportunities and team learning.


Private Consulting

David provides consulting services to start-ups and existing business of all sizes. He can lead one-day strategic thinking sessions or provide more in-depth consulting services over time. To learn more, complete our online information form and we will be in touch soon to discuss how to move forward.

Who will benefit from David’s insights? 

Organizations and individuals alike will benefit from learning and applying David’s strategy formulation framework. Here’s how.

Organizations – For Profit and Not-For-Profit

  • Discover new insights into how your organization creates value in the marketplace
  • Uncover ways to extend the life of your value proposition
  • Establish common terminology to use within teams to communicate effectively about issues and opportunities related to business strategy
  • Learn to assess ideas and recognize when to move forward and when to walk away
  • Develop new skills for critical thinking and planning that can be applied to all aspects of business operations


  • Establish a common framework and language that can be used within and across business units to aid productive discussion and inform decision making
  • Create more informed, more justified, more reasoned discussion about go/no go decisions
  • Adopt a framework to help train up the next generation of corporate leaders and strategic thinkers

Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

  • Learn to evaluate the rareness of resources and capabilities and form value propositions that will stand up to market conditions
  • Articulate a clear, well-considered pitch that can stand up to investors’ hard questions
  • Form well-founded assumptions upon which to base financials
  • Move forward with confidence that you’ve thoroughly thought through considerations likely to impact your business