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The V-REEL™ Framework

The V-REEL™ Framework helps users consider how rare their value propositions are in the market as well as factors that are likely to erode that value and rareness over time. The process prepares entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and not-for-profit leaders to make well-thought-out decisions about their organizations, avoid potentially catastrophic mistakes, and devise a clear, practical plan to move forward.

The framework provides a practical guide to strategically thinking through what you know (and need to know) about your resources and capabilities in order to assess your potential for creating value in the market. It helps users understand their positions and define clear, well-reasoned plans to move forward. Users will know what they should and should not do – and why.

The V-REEL™ Framework starts with your resources and capabilities and considers:

  • Value – How might you create value in the marketplace?
  • Rareness –How rare is your potential value creation?
  • Erosion – What factors might chip away at your rareness and your ability to create value
  • Enablers – What necessary activities and aptitudes do you need to establish and maintain in order to continue creating value?
  • Longevity – How long do you have before the situation changes and what can you do about it?

V-REEL™ will change the way you think through ideas and leave you with confidence in your plan going forward. You will develop sound reasoning and logic to back your decision making. No more baseless gut feelings or wild guesses.