Prepare to Think Beyond Value. The book is coming soon!

I must confess that I was at once surprised and a little nervous when I saw the final cover design for my forthcoming book titled Think Beyond Value. The surprise stems from the fact that I never really understood that we could and would get this far. I keep asking myself if this is really happening. Well, it is. I have the book cover to share with you as evidence of progress toward an actual book that I hope will influence your strategic thinking for the better. Think Beyond Value is about getting past the value proposition and really thinking through the realities of bringing a product, service or idea to the marketplace. In the book, I introduce the V-REEL Framework and offer case studies and tips for using proven strategy tools as you move from value proposition to consider rareness, factors likely to erode both value and rareness in the marketplace, enabling factors necessary to make an organization work, and the longevity of your proposition.

Advance signed copies of the book will be available for purchase on this site in early Fall. The e-book will be available through all the usual outlets in December, and national distribution to retail outlets is slated for Spring 2018. So stay tuned. My hope is Think Beyond Value will prove useful to executives, entrepreneurs and individuals who are seeking to build sound strategies. I’ll look forward to your feedback. In the meantime, to stay up on the latest details on book release dates and upcoming speaking engagements, sign up for my newsletter. I won’t pester you too much but will do my best to keep you informed of news and add value as you work to form sound strategy.