Creating a Company from a Cause

Wanting to make an impact in her community, Marci Corry felt compelled to start a company that would encourage drivers to leave their phone alone and focus on the driving task. Experienced at encouraging positive behavior in her children, Marci decided a similar approach might just entice all of us who are glued to our phones to set them down long enough to focus on driving and earn points toward valuable rewards.

Full of inspiration, Marci put together a team to build and pilot an app. Less than two years later, Safe2Safe is in nine different markets and moving into Houston, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. During our conversation, Marci recalled a key moment on the Safe2Save journey.

“I remember Grub Burger looked me in the eyes and said, ‘We would pay for this. This is something that is worthy of a monthly payment because it changes how people are deciding where to go to eat.'”

I caught up with Marci as she was gearing up for the big push into the Houston market. The Safe2Save team, and founder Marci Corry in particular, were hustling to make it to the next level and succeed in a major market. So, we sat down to talk strategy and handed her a copy of Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to WinThat was only one week before we recorded this episode.

“It’s really been helpful, especially thinking through: How are we creating value? What are we doing that’s different than what others are doing out there?” she said.

During our conversation, we uncovered some significant value creation and a pretty exciting distinctive competency that could lead to a real competitive advantage for Safe2Save’s. Building on resources and capabilities that are valuable and rare, Marci is already thinking beyond.

“You know when you are right in the weeds it’s hard sometimes to prioritize and truly think strategically. You have to carve time out to have that bird’s eye view and think. What are my eroding factors? What really would help enable us to go further and start being more strategic and prioritize? This book, and V-REEL™, and talking to you guys, has truly helped us start to prioritize,” she said.

During our conversation we talked about some of those eroding factors and what enablers Marci might need to put in place to keep erosion under control.

I’m encouraged that after only a week Marci was able to put V-REEL™ to work for her team. I’m genuinely excited about the potential for Safe2Save and the rareness they are building. It’s a really interesting company. But I have to confess, I was probably most pleased to hear Marci say this.

“The book is easy to read. It’s been really helpful for people like me – I’m not a reader – but but your book really is compelling and it’s good practical advice that makes me want to stop, and apply. I implemented it at my staff meeting this week.”

It was a great conversation with an inspired strategic thinker. Have a listen.